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Instagram Hacking Using Phishing with Termux

by Munmun Akhter
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Instagram Hacking using Phishing with the Termux

Today In This Digital World People Are Using Many Social Media Platforms Like Instagram/Facebook/What’s App/WeChat. However, these social media platforms are safe ?… The question always pops up in our minds …. Let’s now see how hackers can hack your Instagram or Facebook account using Zphisher Termux picking tool.

Instagram Hacking

Today, Instagram is a very popular tool for people to use in their daily lives. Hackers can easily hack your account by sending you a malicious link and forcing you to log in through this link in your Instagram account.

If you log in to Instagram using this malicious link, your user ID and password will be sent automatically to the hackers.

You can easily hack your account by following this simple step

Is This How Hackers Hack Using This Method …??

I’m going to show you step by step how to hack any Instagram account.

Learn It Step by Step


This blog is for educational purposes only. Please do not use this knowledge to harm anyone’s privacy or life. “We are not responsible for your illegal activity on this knowledge.

First Step —Install Termux App through Playstore

Termux App

2nd step —Open Terminix App and Type “apt upgrade” + Enter

3rd step — Type “apt-install git php openssh cur -y” +

4th Step — Type “git clone” + Enter

5th Step — Type ” cd zphisher ” + Enter

6th Step — Type ” bash ” + Enter

Now, You’ll Have Zphisher Termux Window …..

Instagram Hacking Using Phishing with Termux

Instagram Hacking Using Phishing with Termux

Choose From The List Which Social Media App’s Phishing Links Do You Want To Generate …..

This is How We Create Phishing Links For Instagram

7th step–Type “2” + Enter

8th step —Type Enter a number to indicate which type of page you want to create.

9th step —Type 2 ” + Enter to Select Ngrock

Now you will have a link …..

You can share this link to anyone using social engineering methods and tricks. Once he/she has received this link, log in to his/her Instagram account and you will automatically receive the ID and password for your Termux window.

Notice: “Ensure that your mobile’s portable hotspot is on while you do all this process”

This blog is intended to educate you all and save you from hacker attacks.

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