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How to Hack Facebook With Termux

by Munmun Akhter
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Weeman Tool is back! This tutorial will show you how to hack Facebook using Termux.

We received many requests from our users and decided to publish this article on hacking fb using termux.


This tutorial is only for educational purposes and we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes you make.

Let me now tell you about Weeman and how it can be installed on Termux Android. Finally, use it at your own risk to hack Facebook.

Hacking Facebook and Installing Weeman in Termux

This post will tell you everything.

  • What is Weeman?
  • Installation of Weeman in Termux
  • Installing SocialFish in Termux
  • Installing AK47 in Termux
  • Installing Python 2 within Termux
  • Finally, hack Facebook using Termux

What is a Weeman?

Weeman is an easy but powerful python tool to phishing. You can use it to easily phish on any website. To hack Facebook accounts, you can also use this tool.

How do you use weeman termux?

You can also use this tool to phish on different websites such as Gmail and Twitter.

Okay, let’s move on to the tutorial point

First, download the Termux app for Android.

Next, open Termux. Type these commands and hit enter.

Update & Upgrade

Give permission to Termux for access to your memory

Enter the command below


Next, type this command: install python2

pkg install Python2

Termux will need some space during installation of python2.

Enter Y and hit enter

You now need to install Git. To do this, type the following command

pkg install Git

After installing git successfully, enter the following command to install Weeman

git clone

Then, type the following command

cd weeman and ls

To run Weeman on Python, you will need to enter the following command


You will now see the Weeman interface. Now it is time to set all necessary commands

First, you need to locate your IP address. This is essential so you can use termux to find your IP adress.

To see your IP, just open a new tab in termux and enter the following command


Hack Facebook using termux

You now have your IP address. Now, type the following commands to get started

Set url at

Set action_url

set port 8080

This tutorial focuses on hacking Facebook using Termux. We have set the url to

How To Hack Facebook Using Termux (Weeman)

Set the URL to if you are targeting Facebook mobile users

Eg: set url

Finally, type the following command


In termux, setting up weeman

You are now able to successfully execute all commands to hack Facebook.

To get your victim’s username and password, you will need to share your IP.

Send a link to your victim http://Your_IP.8080


Executing weeman on victim browser

The link will open a phishing site. Once the victim clicks the link, they will be taken to a login page.

Hack Facebook using Termux

How to Install SocialFish in Termsux to Hack Facebook

SocialFish tool for Termux

SocialFish is a Collection of Advanced Phishing Tool, you can use SocialFish to Hack Facebook in Termux, so let’s find out how to install it on Termux

Termux must be installed first

Use the following commands

Apt update & apt upgrading

git clone

cd SocialFish

pip install-r requirements.txt


chmod +x

Final Type


SocialFish Tool is available from Anon U4DY in Termux. You need only one command

Simply copy and paste the following command into Termux

pkg install git python php curl openssh grep && pip3 install wget && git clone && cd HiddenEye && chmod 777 && python

How to Hack Facebook With Termux

How to Hack Facebook With Termux

Install AK47 Facebook Brute Forcing tool in Termux

Ak47 in Termux

First, let me tell you that Facebook Bruteforcing rarely works. Facebook, along with many other sites, is updating its AI to detect Bruteforce Attacks and Block Requests. If you are still interested, check out this tool.

Use the below commands to install

pkg install Python2

pkg install Git

git clone

cd AK47

chmod +x


Select Facebook brute, and then follow the instructions

Facebook recently suffered a major data breach.


We hope you guys learned how to hack Facebook account using termux.

This tutorial is intended for education purposes only. We are not responsible for any misuse.

Not for profit: Learn how to hack a phone.


Ten Ways to Hack a Facebook account


These introductions will show you how to hack Facebook Account. A “facebook” is a student directory that includes personal information and photos. Facebook, a popular social networking site, allows you to share photos and give information about yourself. Mark Zuckerberg, a software engineer, and his college friends launched it on February 4, 2004. Since then, the website has enjoyed more than one million users worldwide.

It is accessible from smartphones, tablets and other devices that have internet connectivity. There are many ways that people can use the website:

– Networking

Promote job opportunities

– Share blog posts

Educate and incite others

Connect with family and friends

– Market products or services.

To register as a first user, users must provide their full name, email address and date of birth. Users create a personalized profile that reveals the information they provide after signing up.

NB. This tutorial shows you how to hack your Facebook account. It is not intended for professional use.

For more information visit us at Contact us at

Is Facebook safe? How to hack a Facebook account from home

It is password protected, which means that only the user can access it. Other users cannot use combinations that are difficult to find. Facebook also has SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which encrypts all data sent to it, including login information and private chat conversations. Its servers also have anti-intrusion and anti-virus software. They protect their systems from viruses and hackers, as well as preventing hackers like us from intruding on them.

Even with all the security measures in place, Facebook can still be hacked. It is a popular site that has the highest number of users, from individuals to large corporations and businesses. This makes it a prime target for spamming and hacking. It shares sensitive and personal data.

Hacking a Facebook Account — Methods

1. Password reset

This is the best way to hack someone’s Facebook. Here’s how,

* STEP 1. Get your friend’s Facebook login. If you don’t know your friend’s Facebook email login, look through the Contact Information section. You can also use scrapping tools such as ‘The Harvester’ to find out.

STEP 2: Click Forgotten password? Option and enter the victim’s email. The account should appear. Click Now my account.

* STEP 3 – Next it will ask you if your password would be reset via the victim’s email. Then press No more access to these? This is because the victim’s email won’t help.

STEP 4: The program will ask How do we reach you? Enter the email address you prefer. Make sure it’s not connected to any other Facebook account.

STEP 5: The program will ask you if you are close friends with the victim. If you don’t know anything about the victim, make an educated guess. If you are successful, you can change their password and log in to their account within 24 hours. You can click Recover account with help of friends. This allows you to choose between three to five friends. This is the quickest way to hack Facebook accounts.

2. Use keylogger software

This software secretly records an individual’s keyboard activity. The software must be manually downloaded on the computer of the other person. There are many keylogger programs that can help you hack Facebook accounts, such as Spyrix or Refog.

The hardware keyloggers can be used in the same manner as the software keyloggers. To record keyword patterns, a USB flash drive must be connected to victim’s computer. The drive must be connected for at least 24 hours to create a summary. The drive will then save a summary that the hacker can retrieve by plugging the USB drive into their computer.

3. Phishing

This is a technical process. To hack Facebook Accounts, you will need to follow these steps:

  • STEP 1: Go to the facebook website. Make sure you’re not logged in. Right-click the empty area and you’ll be prompted to view the source page. This prompt will require you to click.
  • STEP 2: Next, you’ll see an open tab that will contain the source code for the Facebook login page. To view the source code, use the Control key + U.
  • STEP 3: Select the source code after viewing it and then copy it into a notepad using the Control key + F.
  • STEP 4: Once you have copied your code to a notepad and saved it, you will need to enter the word “action” without using quotation marks in the notepad. This will allow you to locate the action attribute in the login form’s source code. You can replace the action attribute with process.php while it is still there. This is because it was originally filled in with Facebook’s login process URL. A replica of the original Facebook login page can be found after that.
  • STEP 5: Search again to ensure that you have gotten hold of text that resembles this one here: action=”″.
  • STEP 6: Find the name of the input fields. If you’re using Google Chrome, press the Control key +Shift+I to inspect the element. Replace all text in green with post.php. You will need to make sure it looks like =”post.php”.

Are you still learning how to hack into Facebook accounts? Take a break for 15 minutes and stretch your legs.

15 minutes later…
  • STEP 7: Save all the above files on your computer or hard drive by using the name index.htm. This will allow you to create a fake Facebook page that looks almost exactly like the real one.
  • STEP 8: Create an HTML file, then open a notepad and copy the code. Save it with the name post.php. You will now have created two main files: index.htm, and post.php.
  • STEP 9: Upload these files to a free website hosting service.
  • STEP 10: Register for the free hosting service. Fill in all the details that the signup form asks you to fill out. After you have created your account, log in to your account with your username and access codes.
  • STEP 11: Open the control panel and click on File Manager to open a new window. You will need to navigate to public HTML.
  • STEP 12 – Delete default.php. Click on the Upload File button to upload the index.htm or post.php files one at a. Click on the index.htm link.
  • STEP 13: Copy and paste the URL of the fake page to your target user via facebook. It will appear to be the same page that they use to log in to their Facebook accounts. The page will redirect the user to Facebook if they try to fill in their credentials. You will be able see their activities and all their login information on your side. Before you send it to your target user, make sure you have shortened the URL. Facebook could detect phishing attempts if your URL is too long.

This method is less effective as people are more cautious about what websites they log into. They also have email phishing filters installed on their computers. This is not a good way to hack Facebook accounts.

4. Middle Attack

This method allows the attacker to create a fake WiFi network or new connection and force the users to use it. This is a complex procedure. Two softwares are required: Ettercap and SSL Strip.

* STEP 1 – Open the SSL strip software, go to the SSL Strip tab section, and click on the Auto check button

* STEP 2 – Return to SSL Strip software, and click on the scan. You will now see the IP address for the visitor who is connected to the same network. From here, you will need to choose the victim’s IP. You must connect the victim. Next, select the victim’s IP address and click the open button

STEP 3: Start the Ettercap software. Click on the sniff tab. Next, select the network interface you want and click the OK button.

* STEP 4 – Select the host tab, then scan the IP addresses. Click on host to view the router and any other connected devices at the IP address and MAC address. Choose your router IP to be the target 1, and then choose the victim IP to be the target 2.

* STEP 5 – Select the attack you want to perform by clicking on OK and selecting MITM (Address Resolution Protocol), then click on ARP (Missing Address Resolution Protocol).

* STEP 6 – Wait for the victim’s login to facebook to reveal the username and password. You now know how to hack Facebook accounts using the MITM method.

5. Using social engineering

If the password is weak, social engineering does not work. You can hack Facebook accounts if you’re a good guesser. This involves guessing the answers to security questions asked by the user to log in to their Facebook account.

These passwords are common:

  • Year of birth
  • Anniversary of marriage or birthday of the children
  • Names of spouses and/or children, favorite movies, or pets
  • Mobile phone numbers.

Many times details of victims are posted to Facebook. There are only limited attempts. This is the most ineffective way to hack Facebook accounts.

6. Botnets

Botnets are a group of computers infected by malicious software. This allows attackers to send spam and steal data. Because it is expensive to set up, they aren’t often used to hack Facebook accounts. Although the infection process is very similar to keylogging, a Botnet allows you to carry out additional attacks on the compromised computer. Spyeye and Zeus are two examples of botnets.

7. Mobile Phone Hacking

Millions of Facebook users use their mobile phones to access the site. The hacker only needs to gain access to the victim’s mobile phone. Mobile spy softwares are available to monitor the phone.

Learn how to hack Facebook accounts.

8. DNS Spoofing

If the attacker and victim are both on the same network, the attacker can use DNS spoofing to change the victim’s Facebook page to his fake one and gain access to their account.

9. Sidejacking with Firesheep

This method can only be used to hack Facebook accounts if the attacker and victim are connected. This is done by stealing access to a website from an individual. It’s usually done via wireless public networks. It’s very similar to https hijacking.

10. Session Hijacking

If both the hacker and user are on HTTP://connection, it can be done. The hacker takes the victim’s cookies and uses them to gain access to the victim’s account.

We have loved sharing with you the many ways to hack into Facebook accounts, but we also want to show you how to protect your account.

There are many ways to avoid becoming a victim.

* Never click on any suspicious links. Always verify that you have received a link from a friend. These links are usually sent without the sender being aware. All links in your Facebook Chat, Messages and friend’s status posts, as well as your email, are included.

* Never reveal your Facebook username and password to anyone, even websites with suspicious layouts or links. Your privacy and security on Facebook could be compromised if you give out your passwords.

* Only log in at, and not from any other URL or website, except if you’re accessing via the Facebook App

Make sure your browser is updated to protect yourself from phishing attacks.

* Confirm your mobile number

* Last but not least, log out of your Facebook account. Anyone can hack into a Facebook account.

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Plze help me how to hack facebook with broute force attack
i will be very thankfull to you

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My screen is way different than ur screenshots. Will it work?

Arthur Hannibal August 19, 2021 - 3:59 pm

Yes if you follow the instructions.

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