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Benefits of blogging for your small business

by Munmun Akhter
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Benefits of blogging for your small business

Information about Benefits of blogging for your small business. If you’re running a small business, you’re probably wondering if blogging is worth the time and effort. The short answer is a resounding yes! Frequent blogging for your small business is a relatively simple, inexpensive way to improve your inbound marketing efforts, drive traffic to your site and attract more potential customers.

Benefits of blogging for your small business

Benefits of blogging for your small business

If you run a small business, you might be wondering if blogging is up to the hype. Here are some statistics you should look for:

  • 61% of US consumers make a purchase based on a blog post (Source)
  • 37% of marketers find that blogs are the most important method of content marketing. (Source)
  • Companies that enjoy blog 97% more inbound links than blog-less competitors. (Source)
  • Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than websites without blogs (Source)
  • B2B businesses are more likely to blog than B2C businesses. (Source)
  • 94% of those who share a post do so because they think it will be helpful to others. (Source)
  • B2B companies get 67% more leads than those without blogs (Source)

Case for small business blogs

Here are some important benefits of having a blog for your business:

Boost search engine optimization

Search engines love to provide searchers with new, valuable content. What better way to deliver content than with a blog post? By consistently blogging, you add new content to the index to Google and other search engines, and you create the opportunity to plug in those important keywords to increase your visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

As an added bonus, you will benefit from backlinks as other websites start linking to articles on your website. This adds more fuel to the SEO fire because search engines treat backlinks as authoritative approval of your website.

Build relationships with potential and existing customers

Blogging lets you connect with visitors to your site. This can be done by asking your readers questions at the end of your post to continue the conversation or by simply allowing comments and feedback. By reviewing and responding to readers’ comments, you can build a relationship with your audience, build trust, and gain valuable insights into what your customers are looking for Benefits of blogging for your small business.

Benefits of blogging for your small business

Benefits of blogging for your small business

Establish your business as an industry leader

No matter how small your business is, you can build trust and influence in your industry by providing valuable, expert information in your blog posts. Over time, you’re becoming a “go-to” resource for helpful, informative content, which can ultimately lead to higher customer conversion rates. This is especially important for small businesses that want to gain credibility in order to compete with large companies is also Benefits of blogging for your small business.

Connect people with your brand

Blog posting lets you show a personal side of your business that potential and current customers won’t see through outbound marketing strategies. Blogging gives others an idea of ​​your company’s corporate values, vision and personality.

Paying for your readers

The biggest advantage of business blogging is the ability to provide value to visitors. Posts that help them solve problems or include tips to make their lives easier or better are much more interesting for potential leads than your face ads. Of course, your products or services will be part of the solutions provided in your posts, but in a subtle, helpful way for get Benefits of blogging for your small business.

By taking the time and energy to deliver free useful content, you are actually building loyalty among potential customers who will be more likely to choose your company over your competitors when they are ready to make a purchase. You can even include testimonial-centric posts for those who are considering purchasing to take the next step. If your blog posts are just a product promotion or service pitch, don’t bother blogging. Readers will not be interested to Benefits of blogging for your small business.

Benefits of blogging for your small business

Benefits of blogging for your small business

Create lead

You can take advantage of emails from interested leads asking your blog to subscribe to your blog post. Those emails can then be used for marketing purposes to enhance TouchPoint. Not only will they regularly view your blog posts, but they also open the door to email marketing opportunities to promote your business, send special promotions, and more. The more frequently you connect to a lead, the more likely they are to convert to a client and they known Benefits of blogging for your small business.

Create opportunities to share

Whenever you blog, you create an opportunity for your audience to share your blog with others Whether they link to your blog post, tweet it or email it to others, it’s free marketing and makes you more legitimate as a trusted business.

Benefits of blogging for your small business

From a practical standpoint, blogging only makes sense. With minimal effort and expense, you can build credibility, increase search engine rankings, increase website traffic.

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