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The Truth About Weight Loss Through Thought

by Aminul Islam
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Weight Loss Through Thought

Weight Loss Through Thought

The Truth About Weight Loss Through Thought

Think you can lose weight by simply thinking about it? This may be true in some cases, but when it comes to dieting, the most effective way to slim down and maintain your new healthy weight is through exercise and eating right. The truth about weight loss through thought is that while you can use your mind to improve your life, there are far more effective ways to lose weight than just hoping thoughts will do the trick. Think and lose weight? Yes, but only if you change your thoughts into actions!

Do you think it works?

Maybe it does—but likely not for long. I know you probably want to avoid hearing about calories in, calories out one more time, but that adage still serves as a solid basis for healthy weight loss: if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. It sounds simple enough, but lots of factors play into why people gain or lose weight (we all have different caloric needs), so some trial and error is often required before finding a comfortable balance of food and exercise.

What are the benefits of positive thinking or affirmations?

Psychology research shows that positive thinking techniques can provide tangible benefits for those trying to lose weight.  Studies have shown that people who approach their goals with confidence are more likely to meet their goals than people who are pessimistic about achieving them.

When you’re positive, you generally tend to feel better and when you feel better, you perform better; it’s as simple as that. Positive thinkers also fare much better in stressful situations than negative thinkers do (and we all face stressful situations on a daily basis). A healthy weight loss program should include both a diet plan and an exercise routine. If not managed well, negative thoughts can increase stress hormone levels (which trigger cravings) making it hard to stick with your healthy lifestyle or dietary plans.

The Truth About Weight Loss Through Thought

The Truth About Weight Loss Through Thought

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Can negative thoughts harm us physically?
Although many bloggers write about how thoughts can help us lose weight or maintain a healthy body image, experts say negative thoughts can also be damaging. When we’re feeling down, our bodies don’t handle stress as well; we feel fatigued, weaker and more prone to disease. When we’re under a lot of stress, it also increases our risk of other health issues like heart disease or high blood pressure.
According to mental health counselor Samantha Ettus, there are positive and negative ways to think about losing weight.
Is it possible to lose weight by controlling your thoughts?

Perhaps it sounds impossible, but new research shows that you can potentially lose weight by controlling your thoughts. By regulating what you think about, you actually create a physical change in your body’s fat storage processes.

This is good news for people who want to shed pounds without putting their bodies through grueling workouts or watching what they eat 24/7. Since one of our fundamental goals at the International College of Applied Kinesiology is healthy weight loss, we thought it was important to review some recent studies on how thoughts control your weight.

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The Truth About Weight Loss Through Thought

The Truth About Weight Loss Through Thought

Are there scientific studies supporting this claim?

Not really. The human body can do many things we are yet to understand, but there have been no reputable studies on whether thought can trigger chemical reactions that result in a loss of weight. As fun as it might be to think about thinking your way slim, at least for now you’re better off sticking with more traditional ways of achieving healthy weight loss.

For example, exercising regularly is one simple method of burning calories—but research has shown that exercise alone is not enough to achieve healthy weight loss; diet must also be considered. Similarly, eating less than 1,500 calories per day will most likely lead to weight loss over time (or longer), but again—there is much more involved than simply limiting food intake.

Is it helpful to have someone else support you in your journey of self-talk, self-belief, and self-love?
Absolutely! For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger credits his success to his mentor’s guidance. I owe almost everything I have accomplished in my life to some great teachers—people who helped me see things in a different way or sharpen my thinking.
Through their advice, support, and encouragement, these mentors opened doors for Arnold that otherwise would have remained closed. More importantly, they showed him how to walk through those doors. If you feel like something is holding you back from reaching your full potential, it could be because of your self-talk; so get advice from someone who has been where you want to go—and learn from their successes as well as their mistakes.
The Truth About Weight Loss Through Thought

The Truth About Weight Loss Through Thought

What if I can’t find motivation in my mind to change my lifestyle habits such as eating better and exercising more. Should I try hypnosis, self-hypnosis, or NLP instead of affirmations to help myself lose weight?

A lot of people believe that using thought alone can change their lifestyle habits such as eating better, exercising more, or living a healthier life in general. But a lot of other people believe that using thought alone isn’t enough to change our lifestyle habits because if you don’t put in any hard work then you won’t get anywhere.

So is it true that thinking about losing weight without actually doing anything will help you lose weight? Can self-hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and affirmations actually help us live healthier lives, or are they just going to waste our time? This guide answers those questions and more so you can get started on your journey to losing weight safely with motivation from your mind.


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