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Brazil vs Argentina: Next Match Before World Cup 2022

by Munmun Akhter
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Brazil vs Argentina: Next Match Before World Cup 2022


Both teams have already qualified for the World Cup in Qatar later this year, with Brazil topping South America and Argentina second.

But football’s governing body, FIFA, ruled in February that the match should be replayed.

FIFA said in a statement: “After analyzing the submissions of both parties and considering all the circumstances of the case, the appeals committee has confirmed that the match will be played again.”

“(It) also upheld a fine of 50,000 Swiss francs (50,322) which was imposed on both associations as a result of the waiver.”

FIFA has fined Brazil’s FA (CBF) and the Argentine Football Association (AFA) 500,000 Swiss francs and 200,000 Swiss francs, respectively, for failing to ensure their “discipline and safety”.

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However, the appeals committee stated that it had decided to reduce the CBF’s fine to 250,000 Swiss francs, while the AFA had reduced the fine to 100,000 Swiss francs.

Last month the AFA said it would take their appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Brazil and Argentina will also face off in a friendly international match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in June.

Rivalry between Brazil vs Argentina

The football rivalry between Brazil and Argentina is world famous, the intense hatred of defeats of South American countries is evident at all levels of competition.

It is a matter of pride for both countries. Traditionally, with the exception of a short time when Uruguay rose to the top of international football, the pair shared South American respect among themselves in the second half of the last century.

It is a rivalry created by proximity, relative strength, and frequent direct competition for silverware. Throughout history, it has been a rivalry that has intensified through one high-profile encounter after another, often with pride on the line.

There are plenty of moments of both fame and notoriety. After all, South American football can be as famous for its beauty as it is for its hostility and aggression.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the bonds that have shaped the Argentina-Brazil rivalry.

Argentina 2-0 Brazil, South American Championship 1937

It is known as the “Shame Match” in Brazil, where Argentina sealed the victory over their predecessor in the Copa America by scoring two goals in extra time.

Although the game itself has not achieved this moniker, it has been racistly insulted by the home crowd of Brazilian Afro-Caribbean players. In response, the Brazilian team left the pitch before the end of the game.

Although the San Lorenzo locker room was locked and there were reports of real fear for the safety of the players. Eventually everyone left the field safely.

Brazil vs Argentina: Next Match Before World Cup 2022

Brazil 3-2 Argentina, Copa Roca 1939

The 1939 Copa Roca was another match between the two teams that is now infamous, the second leg of the tie put a sour taste in the face of Argentina.

Selecao faced Argentina for the second time in the same city, winning 5-1 in the first leg and losing in Brazil’s first home Rio de Janeiro. The game, however, ended again with only one side remaining on the pitch.

Brazil trailed 2-1, but tied the tie late. After that, the referee will give the hosts a questionable penalty, much to the chagrin of the Argentine team.

Captain Arcadio Lopez was sacked in response to the decision, prompting Argentina to leave the pitch. According to the history book, Brazil will win 3-2 and convert to penalty without any opponent on the pitch.

Argentina 6-1 Brazil, Copa Roca 1940

Brazil’s record-breaking defeat in these matches saw them lose by five goals in Buenos Aires, a match that was soon followed by a 5-1 streak in the same city.

The 1940 Copa Roca games, however, show a rare glimpse of fair play in fixtures.

In the second of three ties, which Brazil won 3-2, the home crowd of Argentina reacted badly to the penalty awarded to their team. The decision was so bad that, as a result, Argentina’s Arico Suarez deliberately sent a penalty and brought order back to the stadium.

Brazil 3-1 Argentina, World Cup 1982

Despite being knocked out of the second round of the group stage by Italy, the ’82 Brazil team has come down as one of the best teams in history. However, in the process, they at least managed to stun Argentina 3-1.

Argentina were world champions, but had to fight in the tournament – losing to Belgium, Brazil and Italy in the process. Brazil, meanwhile, traveled until Paolo Rossi ended their hopes with a great hat-trick in a match between the two sides.

Brazil could have done more harm than good to Argentina in the end if they had not consistently missed the opportunity.

Although the game is usually remembered for a red card in the hands of Diego Maradona for a wicked kick over Brazilian alternate Batista.


Brazil 0-1 Argentina, World Cup 1990

Another important World Cup match between the teams was in Italy in the ’90s, this time Argentina lost 1-0 to their opponents.

Claudio Canigia was the hero of the day, converting Diego Maradona’s late goal into a ball to give Argentina the lead – eventually reaching the final.

The match came under controversy after Brazil left-back Branco was allegedly given a drink spiked with a tranquilizer towards the end of the game. Towards the end of 2005, the problem was still raging, with Argentina coach Carlos Billardo mysteriously saying: “I’m not saying it didn’t happen.” (Parent)

Argentina 3-2 Brazil, Copa America 1991

Argentina beat Brazil in the opening game of the final group stage, handing out a total of five red cards, in a match that has become somewhat of a tradition in these matches, plagued by a pattern of violence.

Canigia and Brazil’s right-back Mazinho looked red after the ball bounced in the first half, followed by Marcio Santos and Carlos Enrique early in the second half.

Substitute Kereka finally ends a busy day for the referee, bathing himself early just three minutes after entering the pitch.

Dario Franco, though, was the hero of Argentina that day, starting the victory in Albiceleste. Golden Boot winner Gabriel Batistuta was also among the goal scorers.

Brazil 2-2 Argentina, Copa America 1995

Argentina may have had a “Hand of God” in 1986, but Brazil had the last laugh in the 1995 Copa Amrica quarter-finals, as the “Hand of the Devil” drew 2-2.

As the match entered the final 10 minutes, Argentina seemed to be heading for a 2-1 victory, but traveling striker Tulio Maravilha had another idea. With a cross from the right, Tulio brought the ball down with his left hand and fired from home to send the game a penalty kick.

The referee failed to notice a clear violation and Brazil went on to win the game on penalties. Although Tulio scored again in the final, Brazil lost 5-3 on penalties to Uruguay.

Brazil 0-1 Argentina, Friendly 1998

To date, Brazil’s defeat at home was against Argentina in Maracana in 1998, just weeks before the World Cup that summer.

Claudio Lopez’s incredibly late goal, who wide out the ball and avoided junior Bayano before firing home, was the difference of the day – a goal that the home crowd applauded for his performance.

The legendary Ro-Ro partnership between Ronaldo and Romario was quiet that day, with Maracana waking up Mario and turning to his side. It was Brazil’s first home defeat in six years after losing to Uruguay in 1992.

Brazil 0-1 Argentina, Copa America Final 2021

This is the last Big boom Math between 2 team and this is the final of Copa America.

Brazil vs Argentina: Next Match Before World Cup 2022

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